CVARC monthly club general meetings start at 7:30 P.M. the third Thursday of each month and are held at:




August 16th -- Antenna Development for Aerospace and Satellite Systems

Zak Cohen, N6PK

Adrian Popa will speak on “Antenna Development for Aerospace and Satellite Systems”. He is a featured annual speaker at CVARC and his presentations are always quite informative and well received.


The presentation will discuss the R&D of antenna systems for aircraft, missiles, and Direct Broadcast Satellite systems, including DIRECTV. The talk will include some of the practical, difficult and strange antenna problems that he has encountered throughout his long career.


Mr Popa is currently a consulting engineer on radio frequency, radar and photonic systems. He recently received the Outstanding Engineer Award for 2011 from the Southern California area of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). He is both a UCLA and USC graduate. He retired in 2000 from the Hughes Research Laboratories (HRL), in Malibu, and has a total of 55 years experience including his 40 years at HRL and 7 years with the Antenna Laboratory of the Douglas Aircraft Company. During the Korean conflict he served 2 years as an aviator in the U.S. Army and he also operated radars in the NIKE surface to air missile system.



Newbie Net

Diane Wainwood, KJ6JEJ

7:00-7:30 pm Sundays; Bozo Repeater 147.885, neg. offset, PL127.3


Although the Newbie Net is a little sparse this summer, with people coming and going on vacations, family celebrations, etc., we’re still on the air on Sunday evenings. We operate under the club call sign AA6CV. I will be unavailable to act as net control for the remainder of the summer, but Tim K6POI and Dave KI6YVI have graciously volunteered to fill in. If perchance you come on the air and hear no one, give a call out, and “do-it-yourself!” That’s part of getting some experience as a newbie (or elmering someone!”) We’ll be listening for you on the air!!



Conejo Valley Amateur Radio Club 2012 FCC Exam Schedule

By Jeff Reinhardt, AA6JR

The Conejo Valley Amateur Radio Club (CVARC) has scheduled examinations for FCC Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) licenses six times during 2012.


Exams are conducted by accredited Volunteer Examiners and sessions are sponsored by CVARC. Exams are conducted for all FCC Amateur Radio license classes under the supervision of the ARRL VEC. No pre-registration is necessary, walk-ins are welcome. The Exams listed below will be conducted at the Ventura County Sheriff's East County Station at 2101 E. Olsen Road between Hwy 23 and the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library at 8:30 a.m.


Candidates need to bring:

  1. A form of government-issued photo I.D. (e.g.: Driver's License, Passport or School District ID).
  2. Social Security Number or Taxpayer ID or FRN.
  3. The original and a photocopy of any existing FCC license or CSCE notice of passing an exam element.
  4. $15 Exam fee (exact change preferred).
  5. Pens, pencils, calculator. Calculator memory must be cleared prior to exam


If you do not wish to use your Social Security Number to obtain a Ham License, obtain an FCC Reference Number (FRN) by going to this FCC site: Your name and address on the application form must match your FRN information exactly, letter-for-letter.


2012 Exam Schedule:
  • August 12
  • October 14
  • December 9


Should there be questions not addressed above, please contact Jeff Reinhardt AA6JR at or

phone 818-706-3853.



CVARC Picnic – Sunday August 5, 2012

Diane Wainwood, KJ6JEJ

Join your CVARC friends on Sunday, August 5, 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., at Conejo Community Center, Picnic Area 1, for our annual picnic. Entrance to the picnic area is from Gainesborough Rd. in Thousand Oaks. Follow the signs to the Conejo Valley Botanical Gardens; parking is plentiful at the bottom of the road.


Spouses, kids, grandkids, dogs (with pick-up bags!), friends are all welcome. Bring a potluck to share. A sign-up will be passed at the July 19 meeting so we have a count of how much food to buy, who’ll bring what, etc.


The club provides burgers, dogs, beverages and condiments, as well as good company and a few fun radio-based activities---somone ALWAYS has an antenna to mount—maybe a t-hunt--- See you all there!



Results of the June 10, 2012 CVARC VE Session

Jeff Reinhardt AA6JR


Name Call Sign New License Class
Tony Dolz KJ6YKD Technician
Daniel J. Geisler KJ6YKF General
Daniel A. Glaser KJ6YKE Technician
Thomas A. Palmer AG6NL Extra


The next CVARC VE session is scheduled for Sunday, August 12 at 8:30 a.m. at the East Valley Sheriff Station.


CVARC VE sessions are conducted by a team of experienced Volunteer Examiners who give their time and talent to help others become part of Amateur Radio. The June exam was administered by Hugh Bosma, AE6YC ; Ken Sandberg, KS3I ; Rob Hanson, W6RH ; Noel Van Slyke, K6NVS  and George Tamayo, WD6EJO . VE sessions are one of the components that help qualify CVARC for the ARRL’s special service club designation



CVARC and Emergency Communications

Zak Cohen, N6PK

CVARC is an ARRL Special Service Club. We provide for the needs of the amateur radio operator and the community. This includes training, VEC license testing and emergency communications.


During emergencies and disasters, the use of amateur radio has proven to be a highly effective means of communications between communities, government agencies and responders.


In conducting emergency communications, there are two important areas that have to be addressed. The first area covers the need for contacting the community to keep them informed on what is occurring and to ascertaining their needs. The second covers the funneling and prioritizing of these needs to allow seamless interaction with government agencies and hospitals.


To cover both areas, CVARC members have the availability of two organizations – ACS/ARES and Infonet. While each addresses specific needs within emergency communications they are both important and should be supported.


While the areas of concern are different, the ham operators should be interchangeable. Proper communication and message handling techniques along with packet radio operation is important knowledge for all amateurs and applicable to each network.


When an emergency occurs we do not how we will be impacted. We may be needed in our neighborhood, or if the emergency is not local we could help out others in need. By joining both organizations we can help out wherever we can.


For training - checking into both nets on Tuesday nights only takes a couple of seconds. Helping out at either network operating centers would be your choice, but to have operated at both centers and/or various EOCs would round out your knowledge and confidence in being able to help out where and when you are needed in case of an emergency.


Please consider joining and helping out your friends, neighbors and community. Email: Zak at for ACS/ARES and Ken at for Infonet.



American Red Cross

Greg Lane, K7SDW

The American Red Cross Region, Ventura, and Camarillo Chapter need Radio operators to support communications for 5 shelters in our Ventura County area. That would mean a total of 10 operators to cover only one day of a 12 hour shift. Thus, for 5 days that would mean at least 25 to 50 operators if the shift and radio support was staggered. The 5 shelters house 250 to 300 clients, that's 1500 clients to be monitored and taken care by Red Cross volunteers ( which would be 48 Red Cross volunteers per day per shelter).


If any Ham would like to become trained, and be available as a resource for shelter/mass care communication activities, please contact Greg Lane, at , or 805-498-0454. Greg Lane, Red Cross Disaster Services Technology Lead



Parking At East County Sheriff's Station

We have filled up the Visitor's Parking area at the East County Sheriff's Station (ECSS) during our last couple of CVARC General Meetings due to the excellent turnouts that we have had. If the Visitor's Parking area is filled when you arrive for a CVARC meeting, you can park in the Employee's Only parking area which is to the immediate right of the Visitor's Parking area as you drive into the sheriff's station. There may be people coming to the sheriff's station during our club meeting looking for police department assistance. For that reason we should not park in the Visitor's Parking area "15 Minute Only" parking spaces. Ken Larson



Membership Application Form


Any correspondence to CVARC should be mailed to:


  • P.O. Box 2093
  • Thousand Oaks, CA 91358-2093


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